DIY DMX Shield

Many of you may have remembered that a few months back I worked on a DMX shield to interface with the ethernet shield and an Arduino. I’ve finally got the DMX shield off the breadboard and onto a PCB. It was very exciting for me as I haven’t made one since high school. Here in […]

What will you make with the new Apple Tablet?

All the buzz at the moment is the much anticipated Apple Tablet (or iSlate) which is due to be unveiled January 27. There’s been much talk about what it will do and most people seem to be sure that it’s going to change much of the way we read news and other publications. There’s has […]

Multi Currency PayPal Donations WP Plugin

UPDATE Apr 2, 2013: Fixed a few bugs that were caused by some newer versions of Worpdress. If you spot anything please leave a comment below and I’ll try to have a look. Check out my first WordPress plugin: Description PayPal charges high fees for cross border transactions. If you are one of the fortunate […]

Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX

The other day I started thinking about how I could design a better lighting desk for our basic lighting needs. The desk we currently have (Behringer EUROLIGHT) is poorly designed with more features than what we really need. I looked to OSC (Open Sound Control) as a protocol that could be used to control the lights via my arduino equipped with an ethernet shield.

Sparkfun Free Day

If you love tinkering with electronics there’s no better place to be on January 7 than They will be having a ‘Free Day’ where they are giving away up to $100 of product per person to a limit of $100,000 total.

How to make mac DVD drive region free

This is an excellent tutorial I found about making you DVD region free for macs. NOTE: These instructions technically only work on Tiger but I did get working in leopard following this persons post:

Adobe Flash 10 Slow on PowerPc (PPC)

I have a Power Mac G5 and iMac G5 and noticed both were running slow after updating my Flash Player to version 10. The fix? Roll back to version 9. It seems most sites still support version 9. This tutorial will show you how to uninstall Flash 10 and install Flash 9.

How to make Pandora work outside USA for free

Lately I’ve been frustrated with internet radio here in Australia. We can never get a reliable connection and it often drops out. Pandora delivers radio based on your musical tastes. The only problem is that they’re bound to only offering their service in the USA.

Fritzing – PCB, schematic, and breadboard creation

I’ve been looking for an open source PCB creation program for OS X for a few days now. Most of the programs I found were not open source, or looked as though they’d been made 10 years ago and left that way. I was hoping for a program that was fresh and new with some potential.

Ning Strips Javascript in Pages

Nings ‘Pages’ functionality is great because it lets you add javascript in your code. The other day I  tried pasting in my code and noticed after I saved it that Ning stripped out my javascript. I put in a help ticket and discovered that there is actually a bug in the Ning system.