DIY DMX Shield

Many of you may have remembered that a few months back I worked on a DMX shield to interface with the ethernet shield and an Arduino. I’ve finally got the DMX shield off the breadboard and onto a PCB. It was very exciting for me as I haven’t made one since high school. Here in […]

Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX

The other day I started thinking about how I could design a better lighting desk for our basic lighting needs. The desk we currently have (Behringer EUROLIGHT) is poorly designed with more features than what we really need. I looked to OSC (Open Sound Control) as a protocol that could be used to control the lights via my arduino equipped with an ethernet shield.

Sparkfun Free Day

If you love tinkering with electronics there’s no better place to be on January 7 than They will be having a ‘Free Day’ where they are giving away up to $100 of product per person to a limit of $100,000 total.