Free IP Geo Location on WPEngine

WPEngine recently started offering the ability to geolocate IP’s if you’re on the business plan or above. But for many of you still on the personal plan this is no help. If you have a low traffic site (less than 1000 visitors a day) then this could be a good solution for you. Put this […]

ETags in Laravel 4 using Filters

Laravel 4 has some very nice features in which you can build your api on. After reading about some best practices for REST many people suggest using ETags for validation caching. I’ve come up with a realtivley simple solution to enable ETag validation of your api data. I simply used a filter to catch the […]

Producteev PHP Library

Our organisation started using Producteev a while back for task management. It’s a pretty decent platform and has a nice api. Angelo R. from has done some work to create a PHP Library for the api. It works well but I noticed that any time you added a space to value that you where sending to Producteev the code […]