Decimal Quantities for WooCommerce

I recently had a client who was setting up an online grocery store with WooCommerce. They needed the ability for customers to specify decimal quantities. I’m aware of some of the solutions out there such as the Measurement Price Calculator, but it just seemed a bit overkill for what this client needed. I found the Advanced Product Quantity plugin which seemed to tick all the boxes (global/per-product increments, min/max etc), except decimal quantities. So I went to work to convert the plugin to allow decimal quantities.

The nice thing about this plugin is that allows you to specify units, increments, max, and min quantities on a global and per-product basis.

You can download the plugin here:
Quantities and Units for WooCommerce

This plugin also plays really nice with my newest plugin, Rapid Order. It turns your WooCommerce shop into a fast ordering form, reducing clicks needed by your customers to get items in their cart.