Programming Arduino with Xcode

I’ve found that most tutorials relating to Xcode and Arduino don’t work. For the most part it seems that the arduino IDE gets an upgrade and files get shuffled around breaking peoples xcode and arduino setup. This tutorial is a modified version of Robert Carlsen’s. I found I had to make several modifications to get […]

DIY DMX Shield

Many of you may have remembered that a few months back I worked on a DMX shield to interface with the ethernet shield and an Arduino. I’ve finally got the DMX shield off the breadboard and onto a PCB. It was very exciting for me as I haven’t made one since high school. Here in […]

Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX

The other day I started thinking about how I could design a better lighting desk for our basic lighting needs. The desk we currently have (Behringer EUROLIGHT) is poorly designed with more features than what we really need. I looked to OSC (Open Sound Control) as a protocol that could be used to control the lights via my arduino equipped with an ethernet shield.

Fritzing – PCB, schematic, and breadboard creation

I’ve been looking for an open source PCB creation program for OS X for a few days now. Most of the programs I found were not open source, or looked as though they’d been made 10 years ago and left that way. I was hoping for a program that was fresh and new with some potential.

RGB LED, Processing, Firmata and Arduino

My wife plays in a band and some of us started to get the idea of rigging up an led light system for the stage. I figured this would be the perfect project for the arduino. I bought a RGB led here (for $6 AUD from Jaycar, an absolute ripoff) and decided to have a […]