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Hi, I'm Nick Verwymeren, a Winnipeg based freelance PHP developer with over 10 years experience developing custom web applications. Talk to me today about developing your next project.

I Made These…

Winnipeg House Price

Winnipeg House Price

Winnipeg provides the price information for all houses sold in the city. The problem is that all that information is tucked away neatly in PDF format. I developed this site to provide a visual way to browse this information on a map.

Techie Stuff

Plotting 30K points on a Google map can be challenging. Client side clustering quickly becomes out of the question since page loads would be unbearably slow. I opted to implement a server side approach, but since it only existed in Python I decided to port it to PHP.

The server uses a PostgreSQL DB with the PostGIS plugin to in order to keep track of the PDF information. Kmeans clusting is used on a tile by tile basis for clustering. From there I employed client side clustering to ensure that two points along tiles facing edges do not overlap. To top it all off, I've used Redis for caching of tile's clustering information to help speed up some of the zoomed out views. I hope to release this as open source in the future.

YWAM Townsville homepage

YWAM Townsville

YWAM Townsville needed their site redesigned in a way which was easily updateable by their staff. They also needed a custom page created to filter opporunities based on a visitors age, time available and interests.

Techie Stuff

The Get Involved page used some custom javascript to hook up the filters to the opportunities displayed to the user. Opportunities are easily added by staff using a Custom Post Type within the Wordpress admin. Q2A Plugin needed a custom plugin developed for the Quesitons 2 Answers platform to allow users to set a bounty for questions. The plugin allows users to deposit cryptocurrency into their account, and use it to set a bounty for their question. The accepted answer will be awarded the funds, which can either be used for addtional bounties, or withdrawn.

Techie Stuff

For this project I needed to setup multiple wallets, compiling them from source. The plugin uses the wallet's JSON-RPC api in order to broadcast and receive transactions.

Premier Safety Institute

Premier Safety Institute

Premier Safety Institute had a wealth of content on an existing website that needed a design and platform update. The content was ported over from a legacy system into Wordpress. Care was taken to make sure that legacy URL's redirected to the new site to minimize any SEO impact.

Gina Pugliese
Our site contained hundreds of pages in a legacy system which Nick ported to Wordpress. Whatever problem arose, he found an efficient solution to the problem, completing the project within our timeframe.
Gina Pugliese RN, MS - Vice president, Premier Safety Institute

Northland Appliance Service

Northland Appliance Service Ltd.

A fully custom site was made for Northland Appliance to showcase their scratch & dent appliances. The site allows employees to easily upload new inventory and remove sold appliances.

Techie Stuff

The Code Ingiter framework was used for this website. Aviary was used for easy image editing in the browser.

Send a Fax Online

Online fax websites can look outdated, cluttered, and confusing. was created for simplicity and ease of use for people that need to send the occasional fax.

Techie Stuff

This site utilizes the Laravel framework. It also communicates with the Phaxio API in order to send faxes.

Multi Currency Paypal Donations

Wordpress Plugin - Multi Currency Paypal Donations

I developed this popular Wordpress plugin to make it easy for people to accept Paypal donations on their Wordpress site. It also has the unique feature of allowing users to route donations in different currencies to specific Paypal accounts.

Techie Stuff

This was made before jQuery was a 'thing'. So if you have a look at the source, you'll see that most of this is just plain old Javascript.

YWAM Australia

Wordpress Theme - YWAM Australia

YWAM Australia is a missions organization with more than 20 centres in Australia. They needed a portal website that would highlight these centres and provide a way for each centre to easily update their details.

Techie Stuff

Google Maps API was heavily utilized in order to create the interactive map. Also Backbone JS was used in order to keep the dom updated with user's interactions.