Web Notifications Safari 6.0 and OSX 10.8

Web notifications have been around for a while, but with Apple’s latest release of OSX 10.8 and notification center they are most likely to become a bit more popular. I had a look into the developer documentation for safari and found a nice chunk of code for displaying notifications in Safari 6.0.

chrome.extension.sendRequest won't pass object

Recently I had a bit of trouble with Google’s chrome.extension.sendRequest function used in their Chrome extensions API. I found that I was not able to pass my variable outside of the function. I came accross this post that helped explain the reason why.

JohnnyA MediaTemple Hack

A few days ago I came to my site only to be first greeted by a warning from my browser that I was about to visit a malicious site. Obviously this was news to me since I hadn’t installed any virus spreading wordpress plugins (hmmm I wonder if there are any) in the last few […]

Multi Currency PayPal Donations WP Plugin

UPDATE Apr 2, 2013: Fixed a few bugs that were caused by some newer versions of Worpdress. If you spot anything please leave a comment below and I’ll try to have a look. Check out my first WordPress plugin: Description PayPal charges high fees for cross border transactions. If you are one of the fortunate […]

Fritzing – PCB, schematic, and breadboard creation

I’ve been looking for an open source PCB creation program for OS X for a few days now. Most of the programs I found were not open source, or looked as though they’d been made 10 years ago and left that way. I was hoping for a program that was fresh and new with some potential.

Ning Strips Javascript in Pages

Nings ‘Pages’ functionality is great because it lets you add javascript in your code. The other day I  tried pasting in my code and noticed after I saved it that Ning stripped out my javascript. I put in a help ticket and discovered that there is actually a bug in the Ning system.