Installing SSH2 Extension for PHP on CentOS 5

Here is a great tutorial from Dynamic Hosting Blog on installing ssh2 extension for php. I use this often for wordpress installations since I don’t normally setup my server with ftp. This will allow me to download and install updates/plugins using ssh instead of using the less secure ftp. via Installing SSH2 Extension for PHP […]

Show Categories Filter on Custom Post Type List

Found this useful thread on displaying a category filter on a custom post type in wordpress. Here’s the code: add_action( ‘restrict_manage_posts’, ‘my_restrict_manage_posts’ ); function my_restrict_manage_posts() { global $typenow; $taxonomy = ‘your_custom_taxonomy_name’; if( $typenow != “page” && $typenow != “post” ){ $filters = array($taxonomy); foreach ($filters as $tax_slug) { $tax_obj = get_taxonomy($tax_slug); $tax_name = $tax_obj->labels->name; $terms […]

Using term_description as keyword meta

I found a good use for WordPress’s taxonomy description. I’m using it to display keywords for the meta tag. When a user visits the archive page of a taxonomy the keyword meta will be displayed in the header. Put the following code in your header file. Then make sure to put in a comma separated list of […]

Upload issues on WordPress with Mediatemple DV server

I was having some trouble a while back uploading media to my WordPress install. I would continually get an error stating that the media couldn’t be moved to the correct folder. I had tried all the forum solutions including even changing permissions to 777. Nothing seemed to work. After stumbling across a few threads on […]

Nginx and Weird “400 Bad Request” Responses | Life Scaling

I noticed the other day that Google Chrome was giving me a 400 bad request when I tried to visit one of my web sites. My server is built on linode using nginx as a front end and apache as the back. No other browsers were giving me this problem. I cleared the cache and […]

Producteev PHP Library

Our organisation started using Producteev a while back for task management. It’s a pretty decent platform and has a nice api. Angelo R. from has done some work to create a PHP Library for the api. It works well but I noticed that any time you added a space to value that you where sending to Producteev the code […]

chrome.extension.sendRequest won't pass object

Recently I had a bit of trouble with Google’s chrome.extension.sendRequest function used in their Chrome extensions API. I found that I was not able to pass my variable outside of the function. I came accross this post that helped explain the reason why.

Setting up SMS with CactiEZ and Gnokii

Cacti is a great tool for monitoring devices on you network through SNMP. One common request is how do I get Cacti to SMS me when soemthing goes wrong? Hopefully this tutorial will walk you through getting everything up and running. At the moment this will allow you to receive an SMS for dead hosts. In another tutorial I’ll extend it to also work with thresholds.

JohnnyA MediaTemple Hack

A few days ago I came to my site only to be first greeted by a warning from my browser that I was about to visit a malicious site. Obviously this was news to me since I hadn’t installed any virus spreading wordpress plugins (hmmm I wonder if there are any) in the last few […]

Programming Arduino with Xcode

I’ve found that most tutorials relating to Xcode and Arduino don’t work. For the most part it seems that the arduino IDE gets an upgrade and files get shuffled around breaking peoples xcode and arduino setup. This tutorial is a modified version of Robert Carlsen’s. I found I had to make several modifications to get […]