Web Notifications Safari 6.0 and OSX 10.8

Web notifications have been around for a while, but with Apple’s latest release of OSX 10.8 and notification center they are most likely to become a bit more popular. I had a look into the developer documentation for safari and found a nice chunk of code for displaying notifications in Safari 6.0.

Nginx and Weird “400 Bad Request” Responses | Life Scaling

I noticed the other day that Google Chrome was giving me a 400 bad request when I tried to visit one of my web sites. My server is built on linode using nginx as a front end and apache as the back. No other browsers were giving me this problem. I cleared the cache and […]

chrome.extension.sendRequest won't pass object

Recently I had a bit of trouble with Google’s chrome.extension.sendRequest function used in their Chrome extensions API. I found that I was not able to pass my variable outside of the function. I came accross this post that helped explain the reason why.